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Comparative analysis: European Global Health Strategies

Learning from the COVID-19 pandemic, adopting a global approach to health policymaking is central. Global health strategies are far from being new. As the Netherlands works on developing its own strategy, the DGHA analysed already-existing strategies to draw best-practices and inform the Dutch policy development.

In December 2021, the newly formed Dutch government presented their new coalition agreement. The agreement stated their intention to develop a Global Health Strategy (GHS) for the Netherlands. The idea of ​​a GHS is not new and lessons can be drawn from already existing GHS. Various European countries already have strategies or policy documents relating to their efforts on global health. The EU is itself developing its own GHS. The DGHA compared and analysed GHS from Norway, Sweden, UK, Germany, France and Switzerland with the aim to provide relevant insights for a future Dutch Global Health Strategy.

Our recommendations include:

  • Meaningfully involve knowledge and Civil Society Organizations
  • Formulate concrete goals using guiding principles (such as the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 agenda, health equity, and human rights)
  • Include a governance and accountability frameworks describing how the multi-sectoral and interdepartmental cooperation across ministries will be
  • Identify the areas where the Netherlands is aligned with other countries (HSS, multi-sectoral approach) while also determining where the added value and historical expertise lie.


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