Webinar : Local Data, Local Decisions

Decision-making based on local data generate interventions that are better suited for their specific contexts. Often in times of crisis, like during the current COVID-19 pandemic, blueprint interventions are often rolled out, disregarding local variations. The DGHA makes the case for subnational data and investing in local decision-making.

Many Dutch development organisations and knowledge institutes are working with low- and middle-income countries to promote the use of subnational data as a means of encouraging locally-tailored decision-making in public health.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the value of doing this is clearer than ever: when lockdowns are imposed across an entire country, without nuance to reflect local variations in the epidemic, people and economies suffer more than necessary.

Organised by three DGHA members (CordaidKIT Royal Tropical Institute, and KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation), in this webinar, country partners from Ethiopia, Pakistan and Rwanda share their experiences with and perceptions of subnational data for health planning, including lessons learned from previous public health emergencies like the tuberculosis epidemic.

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