Dutch Global Health Strategy 2023-2030: a brief review

The government of the Netherlands published its Global Health Strategy in October 2022. The DGHA is excited to welcome this positive policy development. We briefly highlight positive take-aways and recommendations.

Since it’s inception, the DGHA has been advocating for the Netherlands to adopt a global health strategy. In October 2022, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs released the first draft Dutch Global Health Strategy 2023-2030: “Working together for health worldwide”. The DGHA welcomes this step towards strengthening the Dutch commitments and contributions to global health. This first draft is just the first step taken by the Netherlands to strengthen the country’s approach to global health. Read the summary here.

As the DGHA, we see the following elements as positive take-aways:

  • Strengthening health systems and the global health architecture
  • Improving pandemic prevention, preparedness and response
  • Addressing environmental health, including the impacts of climate change on public health
  • A strong value framework

While the strategy presents strong components, the DGHA shares the following recommendations:

  • Developing a concrete implementation plan, with a monitoring and evaluation framework
  • Making public health a public priority
  • Meaningfully engaging with youth and Southern partners
  • Improving inter-ministerial coherence and resource commitments to global health
  • Committing to gender-transformative approaches and to leave-no-one-behind principles

The DGHA will continue to monitor the development of the Dutch Global Health Strategy.

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