Policy Brief to the AIV on the Dutch Global Health Strategy

In November 2021, the DGHA organised a co-creation conference with the aim of providing joint input for the Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) advice regarding the development of a Dutch Global Health Strategy. More than 40 representatives from the alliance, civil society organizations, academic institutions, private sector, and governmental institutions participated in sessions. The result was a policy brief compiling our joint inputs regarding the Strategy.

The challenges in responding to COVID-19 have strengthened the need for a robust Dutch Global Health Strategy, to prepare adequately for the next (global) health threats. As signatory to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including the UHC2030 agenda, the Netherlands therefore needs to renew its vision on global health, to be able to effectively address the growing health challenges across the world. A Dutch Global Health Strategy should provide an overarching vision and focus to guide investments by Dutch policymakers, from an ‘all-of-government’ perspective (rather than a ‘single ministry’ perspective).

This policy brief presents views, insights and ideas gathered by the DGHA from a diverse group of experts and advocates, with the aim of providing our joint input for the AIV’s advice regarding the development of a Dutch Global Health Strategy. The DGHA organized three co-creation conferences in November 2021 to capture the width and breadth of Dutch civil society’s knowledge and expertise regarding a future Dutch Global Health Strategy.


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