Beyond vaccine nationalism: our response to the Dutch vaccine donation to COVAX

The DGHA welcomes the government's vaccine donation to COVAX. While this is an important first-step towards advancing vaccine equity, more should be done to ensure the autonomy of low- and middle-income countries.

Last summer, we, the Dutch Global Health Alliance, alerted the Dutch government to the importance of international cooperation to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. As an alliance, we are convinced that vaccination is the best way out of this global health crisis. That is why we asked the government to share the excess vaccine doses through COVAX and other initiatives.

We are very pleased the the government’s donation of 27 million vaccines to COVAX in 2021. Yet, we also point out that important follow-up steps still need to be taken. Low- and middle-income countries should not depend on a donation-based system. The only structural solution is to ensure equal access to the vaccine market for low-income countries and to increase production capacity in those countries.

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