Towards a Dutch Global Health Strategy: linking national and international policies for health for all

Learning from the COVID-19 pandemic, the DGHA advocates for a Global Heath Strategy for the Netherlands. To that end, we provide a policy brief that provides key principles, elements and processes to guide the development of a strategy that promotes health for all.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown again that viruses do not know borders. The health of people in one place is dependent upon the health of people elsewhere. The world is currently confronted with the disastrous consequences of COVID-19, and with the aggravation from the measures taken, to control its spread. Not only are global public health and health security at stake, but also economic and social stability are jeopardized, with the livelihood of millions of people worldwide under severe and increasing pressure.

This global health crisis clearly demonstrates the centrality of health in all our lives and its influence upon different areas of our societies. It cannot be any more apparent that we require an integral, overarching, multi-sectoral approach in dealing with this pandemic. Therefore, the Netherlands must develop a global health strategy which takes all these dimensions of health into account. Only in this way we can initiate and nurture sustainable solutions against the current health crisis and offer a roadmap in preventing future ones.

The DGHA has taken a first step by developing a policy brief that offers a clear direction for such a strategy. The document highlights the principles, elements and processes needed to develop a strong global health strategy for the Netherlands.

Member of Parliament Anne Kuik (CDA) is driving the parliamentary call for the Netherlands to develop such a strategy. In an earlier motion filed December 2020, she called upon the government to prepare a study that would look into the added value and opportunities of a Dutch Global Health Strategy. This motion was adopted with a large majority of votes. In addition, the House of Representatives will decide this Thursday 25th of February, on whether to request an official advice from the Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) for the need of such a global health strategy. This would be a great next step in moving towards an integral strategy which not only looks at the current pandemic, but at making us safer against any future health crises.

The DGHA will continue to work closely together with all stakeholders involved in the development of a future Dutch Global Health Strategy.

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